Thursday, November 15, 2012

Maiden Voyage!

Hooray! My very first post. It's a little strange starting a story from the middle. I've been traveling for so long and have been to so many places that is seems like a random time to begin blogging about it now. I think that's mostly what's kept me from starting a travel blog - I felt like I should have started years ago. I remember I used to keep travel journals in the days before the Internet, remember, for example, writing in a notebook from atop a cliff in a remote part of the Cinque Terre in Italy, back in 1999, and how great it was to open that notebook for years afterwards. For some reason, after the advent of modern technology, I stopped documenting my journeys, other than through photos, and it's always bugged me, because I really want to preserve memories of the places I've visited.

So, I decided - better late than never. Inspired by some great traveling peeps who maintain a robust online presence, I'm going to start this blog now, and keep a record going forward. Heck, I'll even recount some of our past trips.

Happy trails,


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  1. Bravo! Can't wait to read more. I have one suggestion for you - publish a book. You know how to do it. You published your first one when you were four years old. With new traveling experience and wonderful pictures you can make a very good book. I wish you and Flo many new discoveries and look forward to read about them.